It is advisable to be extremely suspicious of any warranty or guarantee given for wood floor restoration, and especially those offered by the manufacturer of a product used for finishing a wood floor after the floor sanding has been done!

You will find that the guarantees given by most flooring companies are usually worthless once you have carefully examined the small print in their Terms & Conditions. Any guarantee offered for a finishing product such as Lacquer or Hard Wax Oil is merely a promise from the flooring contractor, and as a result - if the contractor fails for whatever reason, the guarantee is worthless. Even if a product manufacturer gives their backing, it will be the very same contractor who messed the job up in the first place who will be asked to return and put things right, even if it was caused by his incompetence in the first place.

Floorfixer doesn't offer worthless guarantees, but we WILL do our best to keep our customers happy, and in the unlikely event of a problem occurring shortly afterwards, we will always do our best to resolve it because we rely on our good reputation. However, we have once been contacted many months after completion by an audacious customer who had "just noticed" a problem, and a small fee was charged for the return visit which we thought was only fair in the circumstances. Most wood floor restoration enquiries come to us by word of mouth and through previous customer's recommending our wood floor restoration service. A written guarantee is usually a worthless piece of paper which has been prepared to allow an unscrupulous, poorly trained, dishonest and incompetent floor renovation company to ruin your wooden floor altogether.

Some flooring contractors feel they have to offer a guarantee because the market expects it. House hunters have become used to getting guarantees and some estate agents are requesting a guarantee for everything they can, in the hope that it will help them sell a property easier. However, having such a guarantee for wood flooring is not a requirement for assignment when a house is sold, and house surveyors will ignore anything they cannot actually inspect properly before issuing a report. The fact is that most floor finish guarantees have never been claimed on, and those people that have claimed did not experience a really serious structural problem in the property which was the result of a poorly renovated wood floor.

There is no statutory duty for any wood flooring contractor to insure their guarantees against the future termination of their business and it is up to the business owner to provide cover if he wishes to. Most insurance available is very poor and covers only the cost of materials used to rectify a problem created by a floor restoration company. The probability is that an insurance company will include a multitude of conditions to make it almost impossible for a policy holder to make a claim on. However, there is some good insurance to be had on the market such as The Guarantee Protection Insurance (GPI) offered by members of the Property Care Association. This insurance will cover work for up to 20 years if the company goes out of business, but the business needs to be a paid-up member of the Association to arrange this facility.

Our success in the refurbishment of timber floors has enabled us to establish an enviable reputation throughout Leicestershire. We can return your wooden floor to its former glory which will help to ensure that it always remains the most impressive feature of the home or workspace. What a customer should really be focusing on when searching for somebody to provide a wood floor restoration service is to get the work done by a fully trained local team such as Floorfixer and in that case a guarantee will be unnecessary.

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